Republican Issues 2012: Equitable Tax System, Balanced Budget (part 2)

Republican Issues 2012: Equitable Tax System, Balanced Budget (part 2)
By Kevin Timochenko
President, Metropolitan Management Group

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the top 1 percent of American earners made an average of $380,000 in 2010, while the top 50 percent of American workers paid more than 97 percent of all income taxes collected by the government that year. Conversely, the bottom 50 percent of earners paid a total of less than 2.6 percent of all federal taxes. Republicans want to correct this inequity and create a tax system that requires all Americans to contribute a more equitable percentage of their wages or salaries.

The Republican Party believes that asking all Americans to pay a fraction of their own income into the federal coffers will not only help balance the budget but will also foster a more responsible and healthy attitude toward government spending. Most members of the GOP maintain that a nanny-state government that promises to “take care” of citizens will ultimately make choices for people that they would not likely make themselves and will likely obstruct their personal freedoms. As such, Republican candidates in 2012 call for equality in taxation as well as other responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

About Kevin Timochenko: A well-known business leader in the Reading, Pennsylvania, area, Kevin Timochenko serves as the president of Metropolitan Management Group. He is an advocate of Republican politics and supports a platform dedicated to strong national defense, responsible spending, and improved opportunities for all Americans.