About Kevin Timochenko

After nearly a lifetime of diligent work and commitment to building a better future, Kevin Timochenko has attained a level of success and accomplishment worthy of commendation. His initial venture into real estate involved buying and selling a single rowhouse. Now his company, Metropolitan Management Group, manages 1,500 apartments located in 10 buildings. Kevin Timochenko is currently developing a $100 million residential project designed to bolster a sense of community. To reach his current post, Kevin Timochenko followed a long process requiring much effort.

When Kevin Timochenko’s mother left his childhood home when he was three years old, his father took responsibility for raising him. As he grew older, Kevin Timochenko’s burden that he was forced to shoulder may have proved to be a gift in disguise. From an early age, Kevin Timochenko learned that hard work can be necessary and rewarding. His father lost his job when Mr. Timochenko was in 10th grade, and for the next six years, Kevin Timochenko tirelessly worked a wide variety of odd jobs to pay his father’s mortgage and cover his own tuition.

After graduating, Kevin Timochenko contributed in a series of unfulfilling jobs while dreaming of one day running his own business. He worked for a defense mineral manufacturing company called Cabot Corporation when he bought his first property for $9,000, a rowhouse needing repairs in Reading, Pennsylvania. He put some maintenance into the property and later sold it for $25,000. Not long after, he purchased a 5-unit apartment complex for $65,000. When he lost a subsequent job in New York, Kevin Timochenko approached the event as a fortuitous opportunity and went into business for himself, buying 7 complexes in 90 days. Two years later, Mr. Timochenko purchased what was at the time his most exciting acquisition, when he bought a 156-unit apartment complex for $1.3 million, nearly $1 million less than he had offered to pay for the property just a few months earlier.

Over the course of his career, Kevin Timochenko has contributed to his community in a number of ways. He supported the Boy Scouts of America, as well as a program called Reading Clean and Sweep, which brings volunteers together to maintain the city’s streets. In 2008, he donated $20,000 to Holy Name High School in Reading to provide tuition to inner-city youth. He has donated Christmas presents to The Children’s Home of Reading. His largest contributions have come through his association with the Police Athletic League (PAL) of Greater Reading, Inc. Due to his work with PAL, the group moved from one to four buildings, allowing the organization to provide services to as many as 1,200 children and teenagers. He helped save and fund PAL’s summer camps and started PAL’s baseball and basketball teams. He also provided Christmas presents to PAL children and Thanksgiving turkeys for 40 families in need.

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